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Why aren’t I receiving notifications on my TAG Heuer Connected?

Your TAG Heuer Connected receives notifications from your phone in chronological order. On your watch face, you’ll see a number in a circle. This tells you how many notifications are waiting for you to view.

If you’re not receiving notifications, please check the following:  

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
To receive app notifications and emails on your watch, it must be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, or you must have a Wi-Fi connection. You can connect to your phone via Bluetooth from up to 10 metres away. If your watch and phone aren’t properly connected, you’ll see a broken cloud icon Broken Cloud on your watch face. 

Do not disturb mode
If you have a Wi-Fi connection (or if your watch and phone are in range and are connected via Bluetooth) but you’re still not receiving notifications, check to see if Do not disturb mode is enabled on your watch. When it’s enabled, this mode prevents notifications from illuminating the watch face, and from vibrating.
  • Swipe down on your watch face to access Do not disturb mode
  • Tap to enable or disable Do not disturb
Please remember to check your phone isn’t set to Do not disturb mode, too.

You may need to check notifications are enabled in Settings on your phone, as well as on your watch and your Wear OS™ app. 

To change the notification permissions on your Wear OS™ app:
  • Swipe down to Settings
  • Under Notifications > Change watch notifications, choose form which apps you want to receive notifications
To change the notification permissions on your watch:
  • Press the power button or swipe down on the watch face to access the Menu
  • Tap the Settings icon Settings cogwheel or Settings
  • Tap Apps & notifications
  • Tap Override Do Not Disturb for... to see if it anything’s blocked
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