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Which metrics are displayed on the watch during a swimming session? 

With your TAG Heuer Connected watch (released in 2020), you can monitor how you’re performing while still being in the swimming pool.

The tracked data are:
Lap: a lap is a one way to the swimming pool. TAG Heuer Connected uses the gyroscope of the watch and a dedicated algorithm to detect when you achieve a lap and when you start a new one in order to measure the distance of your session.

Interval: an interval is a succession of laps achieves by the swimmer without pause. When you press pause and then resume, it starts a new interval. Intervals are useful when you do different exercises during the same session: different strokes for example. On the TAG Heuer Connected app, you can see your interval by clicking on the graph or in the dedicated Interval table. A dedicated screen is available on the watch with on-going data from the interval by turning the crown up. The timer, the laps count, and the distance start from 0 each time you start a new interval.

Total distance: the total distance (kilometers or miles) you have swum during your session.

If you have downloaded and created a TAG Heuer Connected app account on your phone, you will be able to view more detailed data about your swimming sessions. Please select a session in the Sports tab to discover more information about the laps, intervals, strokes, total distance and other metrics.

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