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What is the bezel indicator on the TAG Heuer Golf Edition ?

The bezel displaying number from 1 to 18 indicates the 18 holes you can have on a course, each time you play it

During a game, it is easy to get an overview of your progress on the course and your performance by looking at the colored arcs around the edge of your screen. Each segment represents a hole, and if you own a TAG Heuer Golf Edition watch, you will have noticed that the corresponding hole number figures just opposite on the bezel.

The white color denotes the hole you are on, and the shaded holes are the ones you haven't played yet.

The other colors represent the holes played and indicate your score compared to the PAR. They are classified according to the rainbow scheme, from triple bogey (red) to eagle (dark blue).

White – Current hole
Shaded/Grey – Hole to play
Red – Triple Bogey
Orange – Double Bogey
Yellow – Bogey
Green – PAR
Light blue – Birdie
Dark Blue – Eagle

For more information on the bezel indicator during a golf game, please get a look at the Getting Started guide :

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