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What is the automatic Full Shot Tracking feature on TAG Heuer Golf?

The full shot tracking is a golf feature available only for the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 updated with Wear OS 3. This feature comes in addition of the previous feature drive shot tracking, and it allows to automatically record all their shots during a round (including putts) without having to manually record each shot on the watch.

To use this feature, you can enable it either via the TAG Heuer Golf app settings on your phone or directly on your watch: TAG Heuer Golf app > Settings > Shot Tracking > For all shots. 

Once enabled, the watch will use its built-in sensors to detect each shot, and it will automatically record the type of shot, the distance, and other relevant information. With automatic full shot tracking, you can review your shots and statistics after the round and analyze your performance, strengths, and weaknesses. 

After your swing, a red dot will appear on the screen to inform you that a shot has been detected. 

For the first shot only, the length of the shot being tracking is display on a red square. The conclusion of the first shot is triggered by hitting the second stroke, so the conclusion of one shot is the start of the next one tracked. A notification informing of the distance recorded, the number of the shot and the club used is concluding the shot recording. You can edit it or not, and the notification will disappear. 

For all the other shots after the drive, a red dot close to the number of the shot being tracked will indicate that the Full Shot Tracking feature is recording a shot. 

When you are on the green, the watch will start detecting your putts. The first putt detected on the green concludes the previous shot tracking and launches the scoring screen after the shot conclusion notification for this last shot. For each putt detected both the total score and putts will increment by one.

You can then validate the score manually or walk towards the next tee. Both actions will advance the watch to the next hole to be played.

At any time, you can manually edit your score by clicking on the score, if you want to add penalties for instance.

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