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What is an interactive counter or  'complications'?

Inspired by the craft of watchmaking, we’re the first to use traditional chronograph counters to display live data from the apps you’re using. 

We call these ‘interactive counters’ because you can choose what information you want your watch to display. You can also select the number of interactive counters that appear on your watchface (a maximum of three).
They are also called 'complications,' as a reference to mechanical complications, i.e., any additional feature you add on a watch: the date is a complication, the stopwatch is a complication, a moonphase is also a beautiful complication!

If they’re not showing live activity, you can use your interactive counters to create a shortcut to another app. [Hyperlink to How do I change the interactive counters on my watch face]

For more details, please watch the video below


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