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What is a quartz movement?

A quartz movement is powered by a battery (energy source), with a quartz crystal regulator (time-measuring device). The electric tension from both the battery and the integrated circuit causes the crystal to vibrate consistently at very high frequency - at 32’768 times per second. This gives the movement almost perfect precision (only a few seconds per month variation). Quartz watch dials can display hands (analogue), numbers (digital), or both.

Troubleshooting your quartz watch

The second hand is jumping every 4 seconds

Certain TAG Heuer quartz watches have the added security of an end of life battery indicator (EOL). When the battery runs down, the second hand starts making four-second jumps but your watch continues to display the exact time until the battery is exhausted. Ask your TAG Heuer Official Service Centre about TAG Heuer battery replacement.

The second hand isn’t hitting the markers

Don’t worry if your watch’s second hand isn’t aligned to the markers on the dial. This is normal and is due to the play required for proper working of the movement gear train. You may notice a different level of side shake for each second impulse.

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