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What are the water-resistant features on my watch?

Screw-down crown: A screw-down crown doubly ensures water-resistance with an extra seal that becomes watertight when the crown is screwed down. It also ensures that the watch cannot change function by accident. A screw-down crown usually has 3 positions, each responsible for changing different aspects of the watch: date, time, etc.

Helium-release valve: (available on 500 meter models) When at great depths, to aid respiration, professional divers use a diving bell filled with a gas mixture containing a high proportion of helium. As helium atoms are the smallest natural gas particles, they can enter the wristwatch even if it is waterproof. When resurfacing, the high pressure inside the watch case from the helium can cause damage to the watch, for example popping the crystal. The helium release valve is activated automatically when the difference between inner and outer pressure reaches a critical level. The valve then releases the helium trapped in the watch case.

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