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The watchfaces I downloaded have disappeared - how do I get them back?

If you can’t see your downloaded watchfaces on your TAG Heuer Connected, here are the few checks you can make to see if you can get them back:

Have you recently reset your watch?
If you’ve recently reset your watch, your downloaded watchfaces will have been deleted from your watch. You can go to the Google Play Store™ directly from your watch to download them again (including Ambassadors and Partnerships watchfaces).

Did you swipe up on a watch face?
If you swiped up on a watchface while configuring your watch, you can get the watchface back quickly and easily:
  • Long-press on your watch face.
  • Swipe left until you can tap on See more watch faces.
  • Scroll down and tap on the watchface you’d like to add again.
Did you switch to another watchface by accident?
You might just have switched to another watchface by accident. To go back to your chosen watchface:
• Long-press on your watchface.
• Swipe left or right and tap on the watchface you’d like to add again.

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