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The golf feature Full Shot Tracking is not working on my watch, what can I do? 

The full shot tracking is a golf feature available only for the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 updated with Wear OS 3.

If you encounter any issues with the feature, make sure you have checked the following settings:

The feature needs to be enabled either from the watch or from the phone:

  • On the watch > open TAG Heuer Golf app > Settings > Enable Full Shot Tracking
  • On the phone > open TAG Heuer Golf > select the first tab “Me” and click on the settings > Enable Full Shot Tracking

The permissions for the GPS built-in sensor must be granted: open the TAG Heuer Sports app > Settings > GPS > Activated.

Make sure your app is up-to-date by verifying in the Google Play of your watch that you do not have pending apps to be updated: Menu > PlayStore > Manage apps.

If problems persist, you can contact the customer support through the TAG Heuer Golf mobile app and provide specific details, including the golf course name, affected holes, and the TAG Heuer Golf app version on the watch.

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