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I can’t log in to the TAG Heuer Golf app, what should I do?

The app TAG Heuer Golf pair automatically your phone and your watch, in the case you see a connectivity error message, make sure your watch is displayed as connected by opening the apps WearOS and TAG Heuer Connected on your phone.

If you see the message "Your account is under deletion, please contact the Customer Care", a deletion has been requested and you have 10 days to cancel this request by contacting the Customer Support by e-mail or phone ; https://www.tagheuer.com/contact/

Be careful, there are several ways to connect and create an account :
  • "My TAG Heuer" if you have created your account outside of our apps
  • TAG Heuer Golf ID if you have created your account directly on the app golf
  • Google using your Gmail account
  • Apple using your Apple ID

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