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How to upgrade the software of my watch to Wear OS 3?

The first step is to check the eligibility of your device and country. The update is only available for Calibre E4 models. Also, Wear OS 3 works with phones running Android 8.0+ (excluding Go edition) or iOS 15.0+.

1. Connect your watch to the Wi-Fi by opening the Settings on your watch, then select Connectivity and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Place your watch on the charger to receive the update. As it can take a few hours, it is recommended to do it overnight.

2. You will receive a notification to install Wear OS 3. Click "Install" to start the download. It may take a few minutes to complete. Before installing, make sure you understand the differences between Wear OS 2 and 3 as some features and settings may be different or not present (find more information in the article What are the differences between Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3?).

3. Once the update is complete, your watch will disconnect and reset, requiring a new pairing with the TAG Heuer Connected app. If you do not already have the TAG Heuer Connected app, download it from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). The Wear OS by Google™ app is no longer needed and can be uninstalled if not used for another Wear OS 2 watch.

4. Follow the instructions on your watch and phone to complete the pairing process. On your watch, select your language and open the TAG Heuer Connected app on your phone. On your phone, click "Start pairing with Wear OS" to initiate the pairing process. If you cannot find this option, go to Settings and select "Pair a new watch."  

5. If you have an iPhone, it will be mandatory to open your Bluetooth settings on your phone, select your TAG Heuer Connected previously paired and click on Forget device before starting the new pairing.

6. Connect your watch to Wi-Fi and add your Google account to access the Play Store and get the latest TAG Heuer apps updates.

7. After pairing is complete, explore the new operating system using the Tips section in the mobile app or the tutorial on your watch.

8. If you were using our application TAG Heuer Connected before the new pairing, all your sports and wellness data will be saved and retrieved on your watch. However, your watchface customization will need to be redone. 

Please note that Wear OS 3 is not available in certain countries. Supported features and apps may vary between platforms and countries and may be not available in all languages. For more information please contact us here

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