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How to launch a swimming session?

To start a swimming session in a swimming pool, simply push the upper button to open the TAG Heuer Sports app and select Swimming.

You can also select TAG Heuer Sports from the app launcher menu of the watch, then choose a swimming in the list, and begin your activity.

Once, you have selected swimming, you will be able to choose the size of your swimming pool. You will find standard sizes, but you will be also able to customize the size between 14 and 100 meters (between 46 and 328 feet).

When you start a swimming session, you will be asked to lock your screen with the Water lock mode. When you end your session, a message on your screen will ask you to turn off the Water lock mode.

The swimming tracking is only available on swimming pool (within the size range written above) and not supported on open water.

To launch a swimming session, simply follow the instructions in the tutorial below:

The TAG Heuer Sports app is available for Calibre E3 (2020) and later generations.

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