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How does the Wellness application work on my TAG Heuer Connected ? 

To access the TAG Heuer Wellness application on your Connected Watch, open the app menu and open TAG Heuer Wellness. Here, you can easily follow your Heart Rate, the number of Steps, the Calories and your Active Time. 

On your phone, from the TAG Heuer Connected app, you can also track in detail your activity to help you stay active and keep the rhythm.

To have the most accurate data, do not forget to allow the persmissions and set up your Profile such as the TAG Heuer Sports app by filling your gender, height and weight. To have more information follow this link: Sports profile.

TAG Heuer Wellness app is only compatible with TAG Heuer Connected 2020.

To learn how to use TAG Heuer Wellness, simply follow the instructions in the tutorial below:

TAG Heuer Wellness app is available for Calibre E3 (Connected 2020) and later generations.

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