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How can I reduce my battery consumption with the Low Power Mode ? 

The Low Power mode can be triggered via the Quick Settings menu and it reduces your battery consumption while letting you benefit from your watch features.

When Low Power is ON, Wi-Fi is disabled as is 'Tilt-to-wake'. Brightness is set to automatic and 'Touch-to-wake' is enabled. 
Brightness set to automatic

To enable the Low Power Mode, swipe down from your watch face to open the Quick Settings and touch the battery icon. Touch 'Activate' when prompted. 'Low Power Mode activated' is displayed on your watch. 

To get off this mode, open the Quick Settings and tap the battery again (in Low power mode the battery symbol at the bottom of the settings is also colored red). Tap 'Deactivate'. 'Low Power Mode deactivated' can be read on your screen. 
Please note that the Low Power Mode cannot be enabled when the battery is at 100% or on charge. It will also be automatically switched off when putting on charge to allow automatic updates over the Wi-Fi.

The Low Power Mode is not to be mistaken with the Saver Mode which is automatically activated when the battery reaches 0%, see the article : https://faq.tagheuer.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/What-is-the-battery-Saver-Mode

Low power mode is available for Calibre E3 (2020) and later generation.

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