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How can I maximize my watch battery life?

To maximize your TAG Heuer Connected battery consumption, please follow the advices detailed below:

Make sure to verify the updates of : 
- Your phone operating system
- The Wear OS by Google™ app on your phone
- The TAG Heuer apps on your phone
- Your watch software : go into Settings > System > About > System updates
- Your watch apps : open the PlayStore in the menu > MyApps > « Update all » will be displayed if updates are required

Your watch 

• Brightness : Set the brightness to automatic by going into Settings > Display > Adjust brightness

• Wi-Fi : Depending on the quality of the Wi-Fi, you may want to disable it as it can be power hungry if the signal is poor. However, do not forget to reconnect to your Wi-Fi and to leave your watch on the charger to enable automatic updates during night time.

• Notifications : Disable unwanted notifications by opening the WearOS app on your phone and select Notifications.

• Gestures : Select the default options, or activate the Touch-To-Wake over Tilt-To-Wake if you only want to wake up your screen when touching on it rather than waking it up by moving your wrist.

• Low Power Mode : To enable this mode, swipe down from your watch face to open the Quick Settings and touch the battery icon. Touch 'Activate' when prompted.

• Airplane mode : Swipe down on your watchface, tap on the icon to enable or disable the Airplane mode. Please note that this mode will disable all type of connectivity (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi).

Regarding battery consumption on TAG Heuer Sport and TAG Heuer Golf, nothing is required as we automatically adjust your settings to optimize your sessions.

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