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How can I link my wallet to my TAG Heuer Connected account?

To display your NFTs on your TAG Heuer Connected Watch, you must link your wallet with our application TAG Heuer Connected on your phone. 
To link your wallet to your TAG Heuer Connected account, TAG Heuer asks you to provide a proof of ownership. To do so, you have to sign a given message with your wallet application (Metamask or Ledger Live). 
Your wallet application will provide us the wallet address, the clear text message it received and the signature. 
Once the signature is verified, the TAG Heuer application can download public images of your NFTs through Open Sea APIs and transmit them to your TAG Heuer Connected Watch. 
Your seed phrase or your private key is never shared with TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer cannot interact with your wallet, and all your assets stay within your wallet application. All NFT images displayed in the TAG Heuer application and on TAG Heuer Connected Watch are downloaded through public APIs and do not come from your wallet application. 
To be sure your seed phrase or private key never leaks, we recommend using a hardware wallet.  

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