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How can I find the serial number and recognize the model of my TAG Heuer Connected Watch?

Since 2022, TAG Heuer has decided for a better consistency to rename their Connected Watches by Calibre E. You will find below the list of connected watches with with their old product names and those given today.

- Calibre E1 : Connected 46mm released in 2015
- Calibre E2 : Modular 45mm released in 2017 & Modular 41mm released in 2018
- Calibre E3 : Connected 2020 released in 2020
- Calibre E4 model 45mm & 42mm released in 2022

To find the model and serial number of your connected watch,  please look at the back of your watch. 

For the Calibre E4 - 45mm, you will find the model reference on top of the back of the case beginning by SBR8A, the serial number can be found at the bottom of the case. 

For the Calibre E4 - 42mm, the model and serial number will be placed at the same place as the E4 - 45mm. The E4 42mm is recognizable by its size and the fact that there is no ceramic bezel. 

For the Calibre E3, you will see around the heart rate sensor the model reference beginning by SBG8A, the serial number is mentioned at the bottom of the case. 

For the Calibre E2 - 45mm, you will read the code SBF8A and for the for the Calibre E2 - 41mm it will be SBF81.

For the Calibre E1, you will read the code SAR8A80.

Depending on the place you bought your connected watch, you may find the information on the invoice or via the warranty card.

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