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Can I pair the watch with another device?

Yes. You can pair Bluetooth accessories, such as headphones or a heart rate monitor, to your TAG Heuer Connected watch.
Please note: Accessories must support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). ANT+ accessories cannot be paired with Wear OS by Google watches.

Here's how to proceed:
1) Swipe down on your watch and tap on the Settings icon.
2) Tap on Connectivity and then tap on Bluetooth.
3) Tap on Available devices and pair your device.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones:
You can use Bluetooth headphones to listen to audio files from your watch. Simply follow the four steps below:
1) Follow the instructions that come with your Bluetooth headphones and activate pairing mode.
2) On your watch, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the Settings icon Settings cogwheel.
3) Tap on Connectivity, then Bluetooth, and then Available devices.
4) Your watch will search for nearby devices. When you see the name of your headphones, tap it to connect your watch to your headphones.

How to connect a Bluetooth device that features an app:
Some Bluetooth devices, like heart rate monitors, come with an app for your watch. If you have one of these, here's how to proceed:
1) If nothing appears onscreen, please wake up the watch.
2) On your watch, open the Bluetooth device's app.
3) Please follow the instructions on how to pair the accessory to your watch.

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