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How do I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on my TAG Heuer Connected?

The temperature unit is set by default based on the phone’s language

The TAG Heuer Connected Watch will display Celsius or Fahrenheit by default depending on the language used on the paired phone. If US English is selected, Fahrenheit will be displayed; if UK English is selected, Celsius will be displayed.


Tip : On iPhone, you can select a different language than the phone settings for a specific application. To do so, a second language needs to be added in the iPhone settings > Select the app you want to change / Language. 


Manually change the temperature unit

For Calibre E3 and E4 owners wishing to manually change the temperature unit*, please update your watch apps on the Play Store, then open the TAG Heuer Connected app on your phone, navigate to MORE > UNITS OF MEASURE > TEMPERATURE UNIT to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


*Required minimum versions : 

For iPhone- TAG Heuer Connected app v2.2.7

For Android phones - TAG Heuer Connected app v3.4.0

Watch - TAG Heuer Sports app v2.19.9


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