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How do I pair the watch with my phone?

Discover the Getting Started guide to know the basic steps of your connected watch and follow step by step with images how to pair your watch: https://www.tagheuer.com/smartwatches-support/tag-heuer-connected-getting-started.html

Before pairing, please check the following requirements: 
  • Check if the watch and the phone are compatible https://wearos.google.com/intl/en_en/wearcheck/
  • Leave the watch on its charger while pairing.
  • Activate Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Download Wear OS by Google app from the Google Play Store app on Android phone or from the App Store on iOS phone.

1) Turn on the watch by pressing the crown and Tap to begin on the screen. Select a language on the screen and start the configuration.

2) Read and accept the Terms and conditions of TAG Heuer.

3) On the watch, a message appears and suggests downloading the Wears OS by Google app on the phone. Swipe down to see the name of the watch.

4) In the Wear OS by Google app on the phone, tap on Set up a new watch. After a short moment, the name of the watch appears on the screen: tap on it to continue.

5) Tap on Pair: a code appears on the watch and on the phone's screen. If this code is identical on both devices, tap to confirm.

6) During the Google synchronization process, icons are visible on the phone and on the watch for a few moments.   

7) Choose a Wi-Fi network. 

8) On the phone, sign-in or sign-up your Google account. To optimize the process, make sure you always leave the Wear OS by Google app open when pairing.

10) On the phone, allow the device to synchronize for a few moments and follow the instructions onscreen. 

11) You're all set appears on the screen of your phone. After pairing, it might take a couple of minutes for all the watch's functionalities to be available. This is because it requests to download all the updates and synchronization files. It is possible that the watch may warm up a little during the process, but it will return to normal after this step.

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